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Infopreneur in 5

If you’ve been running a business on the Internet for a while, you’ve likely heard of “passive income” products or certain types of info products and eProducts that can make you money with little to no maintenance or support.

These teaching products can be a great way for you to help more people at once while freeing up more of your time in the long run. Even if you want to make your income primarily through freelancing or coaching one-on-one, creating a few eProducts is a great way to diversify your income and create a steady stream of income that allows your client roster to fluctuate without causing you major stress.

Hi, I’m Regina, and I’ve gone through a lot of trial + error over the last 18 months of building a multiple 6-figure business out of information products. I want to take you through the process of creating authentic eProducts and “passive income” products so that you can incorporate them into your business model or make them your business model–and I want to do that for free–with worksheets, and lessons, and all that jazz.

Infopreneur in 5 Worksheets Preview

So, what does this 5-lesson course on creating info products include?

Great question, my friend. Let me break down the lessons for you.

1. Decide What You Teach. Decide How You Teach.

In this lesson, we will narrow down what you will teach/communicate with your information products, and we will cover the 5 ways for you to build value into your products as an infopreneur.

2. Create a Content Plan. Create an Editorial Plan.

We will discover and create the larger strategy you’ll want to put in place for your information products. We will also learn how to put an editorial plan into place that makes sense with your business goals.

3. Learn the World of Books, eBooks, and Workbooks.

A full lesson on creating valuable, profitable books as a business model.

4. Create Tools and Physical Products.

This lesson gets into how you can actually create tools (that are manufactured and shipped by a third party so you don’t have to keep inventory).

5. Host Popular and Profitable Workshops.

A complete lesson on creating live online workshops to bring in a profit, test out ideas, and more. You’ll also learn how to package your workshops together afterward for sale.

And how does this 5-lesson course on info products work?

Well, that’s another astute question. Every day (for 5 days) starting the day you sign up below and confirm your subscription, you will get a lesson delivered to you via email. The lessons include text, images, videos, and PDF downloads (worksheets). P.S. You’ll get a cool set of 5 worksheets in your confirmation email (today when you sign up) to get you started immediately.

And, since the material arrives directly in your inbox, you get lifetime access to the lessons so that you can keep going back to them whenever you want to.

So, to be clear, what do I get for registering?

Let’s review. You get:

  • 5 custom lessons on building information products
  • videos, worksheets, and more to enhance the learning process
  • lifetime access to the materials for each lesson
  • the expertise and advice of someone who has used these methods to develop a multiple 6-figure online business
  • weekly ninja emails (from with freebies and challenges to help you grow your business

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