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The 3 Keys to Creating a Successful Info Product

A few days ago I was in Baltimore speaking at an epically useful conference called Blogalicious. So many amazing people were there, it’s almost unfair. And I promise, this post will be about how to create info products, but please just let me share what got me here.

Two of my favorite people (okay, that’s cheating, they’re my sisters) also spoke at Blogalicious. We all attended each other’s seminars and had an amazing time. Check out Mattie of in the middle picture below on the left, and Maya of on the right.

At the end of one of my sessions, Mattie posed a great question to get us all thinking.

Can anyone with information they’re passionate about (and truly knowledgeable on) create an info product?

And my answer was “YES.”

Why? Because I have an IRL friend who runs a chess website that makes a few thousand per month. He teaches people the basics of chess as well as complex moves (or whatever they’re called–I’m not epic at chess) in a membership site. I also have a friend who teaches people how to downsize to a camper and make a true home out of it. She too makes thousands per month from this one course.

In my personal experience, I happen to like talking about freelancing, coaching, and infopreneurship, because other than two briefly successful cleaning and t-shirt businesses back in the day, these three areas are the ones I’ve been able to build profitable businesses from. Whereas I rarely freelance or coach anymore, I still love teaching on how to get started and grow in those areas as well as how to get into creating info products and establishing your empire. I’m deeply in love with creating eProducts and teaching others how to monetize their information.

Today I want to share the three keys to creating a successful info product, my list of both common and uncommon info products, as well as an invitation to join a free 8-day email course on infopreneurship.

Step 1: Pick a Clear + Helpful Teaching Topic

It’s important to pick something clear. What do I mean by this? Your topic needs to be:

  • One that you can explain.
  • One that you can describe the benefits of.
  • One that you know you can be helpful with.
  • One that you feel confident hopping into a Q+A session on.
  • One that you know you can present in a way that helps others really grasp it.

The key is that you will have to position your product. Positioning is about giving your product a distinct place in the market. If your info product doesn’t stand out from the countless other options, you’re making your job as the primary marketer and instructor/creator much harder.

You can position your product as:

  • the ultimate guide to ______
  • an authoritative niche guide to ______
  • the low-cost resource for ______
  • the luxury experience in learning ______
  • the most interactive and community-centered guide to ______
  • etc.

It just has to have a recognizable position. When trying to figure out what position your eProduct will have, consider:

  • what your audience doesn’t need any more of
  • what your audience is not used to seeing
  • how your audience processes new information in your industry (skeptically, excitedly, etc.)
  • the information your audience is currently lacking on your topic
  • the other resources and guides your audience has likely purchased

Think about it right now. Does the product you’re considering creating have a unique position or advantage in your market? What additional features or reconfiguring might help it get there?

The simplest and most noticeable ways to position a product away from its competition are (1) playing with how much it costs, (2) changing how comprehensive or niche it is, and (3) being purposeful about the experience it creates for your customers.

What are the brands with the most distinct positions in your mind?

  • Apple? They position themselves as higher-priced (which is meant to communicate higher value) with a luxury experience (everything from the packaging to the stores in which they’re products are sold is all “ooh” and “aww” worthy).
  • Wal-Mart? They position themselves as the low-cost leader in home and grocery needs with an extensive inventory. They don’t advertise the durability and quality of their items as much as a more luxury or higher-priced brand like Nordstrom would do.

You get the point!

Step 2: Pick the Type of Info Product (That Best Fits Your Audience and Your Information)

22 Types of Info Products You Can Create and Sell

When you’re deciding what type of info product or eProduct to create, I have a few questions you can ask yourself:

  • What types of media make the most sense for the information I’m sharing?
  • How does my audience like to consume information?
  • Which formats am I the most comfortable developing?
  • Which formats will be quick and simple to create with the tools I have on hand now or ones I can easily access/borrow? P.S. You can always create the content in one format now and expand to another later.
  • Which info product am I most likely to not overthink and just do?

That last question is in bold because for some of us, it’s the most important one. Even if you end up creating an info product in a non-ideal format, you’ll have a product that you can build on and repurpose. If you stay in your head with the idea, you might not get it done . . . which usually means someone else will . . . which then means that someone else is making your money.

Don’t let someone else make your money. Get out of your head and into creating.

P.S. For actual lessons on how to create some of the info products in the list above, stay tuned until the bottom of this post for information on the FREE 8-day email course on creating and selling information products.

Step 3: Build Value in Five Ways (But Choose at Least Two to Stand Out and Slay Your Market)

The 5 Levels of Value for Info Products (Hint: Use These to Help You Create Info Products that Sell

As you create your info product, ask yourself (and a trusted mentor or audience member) how your creation is doing in the five levels of value presented above. I feel that voice and organization are two of the items that are most overlooked when it comes to adding value for your audience. These are important areas that add greatly to a customer’s experience with your information.

Think about some of your best information product experiences. Classes you’ve taken, workshops you’ve attended, or books you’ve read . . . how did they measure up in terms of:

  • content?
  • voice?
  • functionality?
  • organization?
  • presnetation?

Now think of some of your worst information product experiences. What disappointed you about them? I met a woman at Blogalicious who said she’d spent over $600 on a course with content that wasn’t even as good as the free stuff the instructor made available. I’ve also met people who were so underwhlemed by the lack of organization of a course that they gave up and never finished the course. Other people in a recent scope I did told me that they’ve taken a class where the worksheet and video designs were the best things about the course, and that the content and everything else fell wayyyy short of the hefty price tag.

Your audience notices these things . . . and you have to have enough awesomeness built into enough of the five categories/levels of quality that people become delighted with your materials and happy to share great feedback about you.

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    • Hey Harriet,

      Thank you for the comment. I was too excited to make infographics this time around when I realized they’d be a good fit. So, I appreciate the comment. I hope you enjoy the infopreneurship course!

  • Regina, you have a gift and how blessed I feel you share it with us. If your free stuff is this good I can only imagine how much more the 10-lesson course will be… 10x at least! Thank you once again with your timely message and course.

    • Hiii Teri! Thank you so much for taking the time to say that. I’m so happy to offer the 10-lesson course for free and I hope you enjoy it if you decide to take it!

  • Regina, Regick, Infopreneurial, Creativepreneur Diva…..

    How do you do it? I loved this post of course.

    And I’m psyched because last week I did a live G+ workshop on Art Journaling for Self-Care, and since I was planning that, I thought, gee, if Regina was doing this, she’d create some killer worksheets. So I made those, and they kinda turned into a 29 page free e-book which I gave away to 21 folks who gave me their email address for it.

    Because I’ve learned so much from you, for the first time, I knew enough to spell out the next steps for them in this email by asking them to sign up for my mailing list and telling them if they liked the workshop they’d love my other e-book and video course. I got some returns on both, which was great, because normally it would have been none, and I’m just starting to figure this out! THANK YOU!

    And because I listened to your friend @MayaElious scope on what I should REALLY be asking my audience, I asked my private FB group, Creative Self-Care for feedback about whether they think people would find a 30 day email class on Art Journaling for Self-Care helpful. So far the answer has been yes, though it’s a limited response, so it’s hard to read that….

    Long story short, I need your class. I’m pretty sure I already signed up, but I’ll do it again because your content IS STELLAR. And P.S. anyone interested in Regina’s classes should act and not doubt because I LOVED BLOG TO PROFIT.

    Many internet hugs to you my friend.


    • Amy! Amy!

      ^^That’s me, cheering for you!

      This is excellent news. I’m super happy that you’ve been getting signups and sales because you truly add gold to the world. Diamond encrusted ruby gold (or whatever is more valuable than that–I don’t know my gems).

      Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • Hi Regina! Thank you for this beautiful post! I’ve been brainstorming about products to create thanks to #GoIndependent (which I caught up in less than a week as I was glued to my chair with the amazingness you and Lemuel created!). I added all the detailed action list and paths on my content calendar. To be honest, I feel terrified! However, all these points you make sure we check definitely help me feeling more confident into what I’m doing. Thank you!!!

  • Regick!!! I am OVER THE MOON EXCITED to have had the opportunity to experience you live at Blogalicious. I totally understand why my BLMGirls and other blogger fam are total ByRegina STANS…as am I now. I look forward to investing my time and money in your info products and not letting someone else make MY money! Thanks for this great write up and the work you’re doing for our community! Hustle On!

  • Regina! SUCH a helpful post. You are a rockstar with all the right tools & advice!

    I want soooo badly to be part of this email course (I write a beauty blog! Info is my jam!), but I have not received an email from you since August 15. I’m signing up again for your list, but I just want to make sure I get an invitation to this fab course! Did I just misunderstand the post? Or is there anything else I can do?


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  • Regina,
    I’m new at this and as excited as I can be. I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks now and love it. I found the 75 Ways book very helpful so now I’m taking the plunge and have signed up for both Infopreneur in 10 and the 21 lesson Audience Building Ninja course. Can’t wait for the 28th to get here!

  • This is a great post! (as usual) Your sisters are gorgeous by the way! I haver been following Mattie for some time and had no idea she was your sister.

    Anywhoo…this is timely because I am actually using my INFOBOMO book to create a course now. Turning my blog into a style coach business has proven timely and difficult but I can do it! (With less sleep and more diligence)

  • This post is one of a kind in that it clearly walks people through the process of creating an info product and doesn’t bog them down in jargon. I feel like I could send someone who has never created an info product to this post and they would easily be able to get started.

  • Yo REGINA! I feel like we’re already homies. Anywho, we were following your blog long before we broke out with our own, and how far we’ve gotten is largely in part to your helpful posts. We were (still are) all about that #stayscrappy life. This post has perfect timing because we’re just starting out and are trying to think of ways to put out useful info products for our followers. Needless to say, we’ll be using these tips. Your posts are always so detailed and in depth. Thanks, you rock.

  • Hey Regina!
    Im currently planning my own business (creative business, but Im not quite there yet, still studying) and your blog has been immensely helpful already (I literally read every single post and watched your YT videos and listened to your podcast… I might be addicted) and honestly the biggest challenge in my head is thinking about budgeting. Im not really good with numbers and loose track of money quickly… Do you have tips that would make it easier to keep up with everything involving money when you have your own creative business? Im just so afraid of building something up Im proud of and then ruining it because I cant keep up with invoices or forget my taxes…
    I would be eternally grateful to hear your advice!

    xx, Vivi

  • This is just what I needed! I’m putting together my first e-course. I love how much time you put into your posts, Regina! I can always count on a to of relevant and useful information! Have an awesome weekend 🙂

  • Regina! I just love you! i found your website i think two weeks ago, and your one of the few i actually type in the url bar instead of googling it! your stuff is amazing and helpfull. and im reading like crazy! haha thank you 😉

  • Oh-My-Word, Regina !!!! Amazing! Love everything you put into your posts and I’m always learning so much from you…. I just love you!!!!!

    Sending you BIG HUGS

  • Awesome and timely post, Regina. I signed up for your free email course. I’m one week into being self-employed, and I’m hustling and creating a couple of info products already! Can’t wait to learn more from you.

  • There are many people out here connecting the dots between idea, passions and the marketplace; however, the way you brand yourself is fantastic. I like the information and overall you come off as someone who genuinely wants to help me. This is an excellent guide for someone in the beginning stages of product creation. Thank you! 🙂

  • You’re amazing Regina! The value that you continue to put out is astounding. You’re a productive super woman. Do you have a blog post on being productive? I struggle with getting everything done. I do have a little girl though who walks in every five seconds. You mention the idea of putting together a group coaching session, have you personally ever done group coaching? I have seen…well heard people discuss putting together a group coaching but it really seems more like a webinar or an online workshop. Thanks!

  • Oh my goodness! I’ve just found your blog and scanned through and kept on opening new tabs for posts I want to read and… (well let’s just say I’ve got lots of blog binging to do! :D) hahaa.

    I already create digital products on Etsy and it’s going great but I’m definitely looking to expand past Etsy. So this blog post has been so incredibly helpful, I’ve got a million more to read and learn from!

    Can I ask you a question about platforms to selling them on? Is gumroad a good option to sell on? Do you get traffic from gumroad itself or do you kind of have to direct it there?

    Thanks Regina! 🙂

  • This post helped me tremendously! I already have two great product ideas that I probably never would have considered if I didn’t read this. Thank you thank you!

  • Hi Regina,
    I love your blog and your ideas. I’ve tried to subscribe a few times but I always get the message that there have been too many log in attempts from my address? The first time and today the second time I tried. I think it may be a mailchimp issue, because I got that message from another site that used it. I would love to figure this out so that i can subscribe. Thanks!

  • Beautifully written article. I love that you touched on how to position yourself in the marketplace, because that’s something so important yet so rarely addressed (in my own experience). I’d definitely recommend this to beginners and self-named “experts” – there’s something here for everyone 🙂

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