How to Create a Course in 12 Hours via

How to Create a Course in 12 Hours

If you have a moment, I want to help you create a course (an epic “mini-course” to be more specific) that you can give away or sell to your audience, and I want to help you for free. Like seriously, I have a 20-page workbook and 5 training videos waiting for you, but I must start with the brief story of a time, long ago, when I created an entire mini-course in 12 hours. The story begins in the distant past known as . . . two days ago.

11 a.m. – I woke up // Don’t judge me, I got a late start.
11:15 a.m. – I remembered how I really want to create a quick, free Blog School this weekend to help people plan + create their blogs.
11:17 a.m. – I thought it would be fun to invite other friends across the globe to create their own short courses with me.
11:18 a.m. – I thought, “Maybe I can make it a bit of a challenge and post updates throughout the day.”
11:19 a.m. – Made up my mind and then posted a graphic announcing my plans on Instagram.

Mini Course Challenge Announcement

I started posting YouTube updates as I was creating my initial product (a blog school), which I still plan to finish soon, but then my path morphed a bit. I realized (somewhere in Hour 3 I think) that the mini course I was actually creating was a course on how to create mini courses. Yeah. It took me a minute to realize it. But see, #whathadhappenedwas:

I was working and posting videos and updates on one thing, but I constantly wanted to develop worksheets, resources, tips, and more for everyone else who was following along and creating their own mini courses.

Shocker, right? If you know me at all, then you know that I live to create and do adult homework. So the day I had so carefully planned out (translation: had not planned out at all really) morphed into the creation of a short course that I want you to be able to take for free.

Want to take a completely free course on how to create courses?

And here’s the thing, you don’t have to jump through any flaming hoops (unless you’re really keen to) . . . you get complete access hereI mean. Would I be mad if you tweeted the short tweet below? Not at all.

Take a free class my friends

And, would I complain if you put up with me as I share a few more shots of the workbook? Nope. It was a lot of fun to create.

How to create a mini course for your audience

So, what’s in this “Create a Course in 12 hours” workbook?

The workbook has 20 pages that cover the various sections of the mini-course. Between the five training videos and the worksheets, you’ll find materials to help you as you:

  • Decide on your topic
  • Identify your people (audience)
  • Create an outline for your course
  • Select the format for each part of the course you are creating
  • Decide on the delivery methods for your course content
  • Think up course promotion ideas
  • Edit your course
  • Format your course documents/videos (+ my secret tip for creating materials quickly)
  • And more (such as a Launch Checklist and lots of videos of me in my Jimi Hendrix shirt)

How to Create a Course for Fun or for Profit

So, the challenge itself was epic. Mad props to Vanessa Edwards (@4TheLoveOfLivin) for staying up with me and quoting Gwen Stefani lyrics. A lot of amazing people stayed up until 4 or 5 a.m. working on their courses. I loved the updates I was getting from Robin Walthour (@RobinWalthour1) on Facebook as she created her course/challenge; it was also nice to track people’s progress in the YouTube comments. Altogether, it was fun and insane.

Someone, somewhere might be making the excellent point that I should warn people and give people prep time before creating a challenge . . . I heed that. #Heeded. So here’s my forewarning >> If you have ever, ever, ever wanted to create a book, eBook, or other similar information product, then please clear your schedule in May. Some wonderful women allowed me to harass them into collaborating with me on something epic. I’ll tell you more about it soon. But, back to how you can take this current course for free. Just click on the workbook image below (or the preview of the class page) and get going.

The Free Create a Course Workbook

A free mini-course on creating mini-courses for your audience.

Share this free mini-course workbook with your friends

Let me know what kinda course you’re planning to create, eh?

Blog post photo: Kristen Curette
All photos of challenge/course: (c) Regina Anaejionu

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  • Oh Regick, I spent last night watching the Mini Course Challenge and I feel like I took a 12-week course in less than an hour. The wealth of knowledge that you share is invaluable. I know because since finding you my progress has been catapulted forward by at least 6 months. You make me proud of the internet.

    Thanks so much for your generosity,
    Your biggest fan,

    • I know I’m gonna sound all emotional and silly, but I kinda want to cry right now . . . that’s such an awesome thing to have so much progress happen. Thank you, thank you for your kind words, Abbie. I really appreciate you.

  • I think I’m going to create an auto-responder mini course series out of this Regina. Something on how to choose a design style for your blog. Thanks for all your inspiration, you have seriously inspired me to work harder.

  • This is incredible! YOU are AWESOMAZING!

    I’m in a business group on FB and just last week people were talking about wanting to create an ecourse but they weren’t sure where to start. You betta believe I shared this to the group!

    Thank you for creating such helpful content! YOU RAWK!


  • Regina, This was the best exercise ever and I had a great time. Of course, who can keep up with you? (12-Hours) I’m still developing the worksheets for my group.

    As my #ForeverBlogMentor, I will forever be indebted to you for teaching me how to create #MiniCourseChallenge in 12, or more hours!

    Thank you so very much Regina!
    Yours truly,

  • Bless you. This took a wild amount of work to put together and it’s FREE?! The quality and volume of your content boggles my mind. You’ve helped me out so much with your tips and ideas in your awesome corner of the internet. Thank you!

  • Awesome post and timely!! I am working on two projects: a. Revising training for 60 staff across three states on contextualized ministry to Black college students and b. Updating outreach initiatives for all ethnicities in Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.
    I needed this list! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Oh my God, girl, you are idea magic! Just when I’m working through all my plans {in my Epic Blog Workbook, no less} and wondering just how I could maybe expand this one little idea I have into a course or a deliverable, BAM! There you are with, “Hey, not only can you really do this, but here’s how to do it!” The information you’re sharing is absolutely invaluable! Now I just have to pound some coffee and get to work!

    • Kristin,

      What! What! Can’t wait to see what you develop; I’m glad it was good timing. Thank you so much for grabbing a copy of Epic Blog and thank you for your kind comment. It’s always wonderful to hear from you.

  • this is fantastic and well timed! my husband and i just rolled out our ‘map to dreaming big’ program and this helped me fill in some spots that were missing. better yet, it gave me insight on how to organize our next project even better next time.

    thank you!

  • I tend to get caught up in the details of things, which leads me to avoid starting things in the first place. I think just doing it and getting it done in a day would be incredibly helpful. If I’m too busy creating to doubt myself I can only only do great things.

  • First thing I thought when I read this post? “I woke up like this . . .” Seriously, though, this is awesome. I think I found a project for this week 😉

  • I seriously can’t get enough of your content. This was amazing! I watched your videos as you were posting them that day and was amazed. Now to figure out what kind of course I could create.

  • This is right on time #GodisGood as I am in the process of taking my class course material which I teach at local libraries online with Youtube and e-books. I have started the ball rolling with a targeted day of 5/1…I will be following along closely as I birth my new baby!

  • Hi Regina,

    My friend Jennifer just turned me on to you.

    This mini challenge is just what I need. Serious case of analysis paralysis.
    I’ve created so many courses in my head. I’ve even created multiple keynote presentations and worksheets. But nothing launch.

    You’ve inspired me to say Fuck it! Just Do it!
    Pardon my french. I’m from Chicago, living in Cali

    I’ve decided to spend 6 hours today and 6 hours tomorrow. Cause I want to look good at the rooftop party tomorrow.
    Got pandora playing with Mozart, green tea, sticky notes, poster board and note card. Will keep you posted on the finished product. Thanks for the accountability.

    xo Mp

  • Hey, Regina!

    This was right on time! A couple of weeks ago, I did your Apple Pages tutorial. I used it to create a teeny weeny course for a summit I was in. I had a blast doing it, by the way. Thank you. Thank you! So now, I want to expand it to make it an actual course. I initially planned on using your 3-Day Create for it. I’m going to pull that out and compare and see. Either way. This was insane and epic all rolled into one! 🙂

  • It can be done! I created a whole 107-page e-book in 5 days, and it’s totally kicked ass. <3 Half of the battle is in *doing*. So excited to follow this as I turn that e-book into a course! lol.

  • So excited about this, Regina!!!! LOVE IT <3 I've been trying to create my food photography mini-course but I couldn't figure out how to organize myself + put everything together! But now after printing your pretty workbook and reading (plus watched your videos too) your suggestions and all your great advice, I feel incredibly inspired to start working on my project.Thanks so much, you're AMAZING!

  • Hey Regina,

    I’ve been to your site a few times but this is my first time actually commenting. Let me say, you have an awesome site here. And I love this concept completely.

    Not too long ago, I created a mini e-course for my site, but I’ve been thinking that I need to modify that, or completely over haul the whole thing and come with something more comprehensive. And definitely include video.

    This post here gave me some inspiration to do it all over. I think I’ll participate in this and do it next weekend — need to get some proper equipment. Great stuff as always.

    – Andrew

  • Dear Regina,

    Thanks so much for this challenge. My 12 hours ended up being spread over the weekend with a bit of spill-over happening later this evening but it was completely worth it !

    I was able to take an eBook I had been writing during the latter part of last year and create a (at this point) 5-video mini course that helps beginner bloggers take their ideas and build it into a digital product.

    It was fun doing the videos (minus a few re-takes and bloopers) and I wanted to come over and say thanks.

    My plan is to give it to my e-mail list for free + use it as part of my e-mail incentive package on my blog.

    Alright, I have spoken enough ! Have a wonderful week and keep being your inspiring self.


  • This is amazing and you are awesome. I love that you just decided to do it and do it asap. I should approach more projects like this!

  • You are amazing! I would love to create a course. I’m trying to find my groove with blogging and then I plan to start a podcast. Do you suggest that we find our groove first with our initial goals and then move to doing something like this? Or should we just jump right in? I want to do so much! Thank you!

  • You. Rock my socks off. Every time.
    Absolutely amazing.
    And it’s all gorgeous, which makes all the difference in the world.
    I need to finish that workbook I was asking you about the other day. *sigh*

  • Regina,
    I just LOVE your website.
    I do not follow blogs but I find myself returning to yours often!
    You really inspire me and make me feel excited to pursue my business ideas!
    Thank you for this website! (And your awesome sense of humour!) 🙂

  • Hey Regina,

    This is my first time on your site and I love it!

    I have mini-courses planned in the back of my mind for when I plan out my next six-month strategy and I know that I’ll be revisiting this post fo’ sho.

    The images you use on this site are like…crazy good! I’m always jealous of those with awesome design skills.

    Anyway, I’ve subscribed and added you on G+ – I’ll be back!

    Luke Jordan

  • My “How to Style Your Bookshelf” mini-course has been sitting in a notebook TOO freakin’ long! This is the kick in the pants I needed. Thank YOU, REGINA!!!

    PS: When it is done and I launch it into the sunset, you’ll be the first I send it to. (For free, obvi:)

  • I’m going to do 2 courses: 1 for my blog readers (fit females) with some tips on troublesome areas for bikini season. I get a lot of questions about that and why certain things are working for them. 2 for my blog friends with things that I DIY’d for my blog with some elbow grease and little money but still helped my blog grow exponentially.

  • I hope you don’t mind I’m totally borrowing that Twitter box at the end (and crediting you, of course). It looks so good! That would actually be a great idea for a post — can you tell us how you make all those good-looking clickable things?

  • WOW! just….WOW
    i stumbled upon THIS post by watching a YT of someone ( ) reviewing your Epic Blog Planner (which, btw, i already had in on my Amazon wish list for consideration later on), and they listed your website on their links list.
    i can’t believe the timeliness of this found treasure or perhaps i can – the universe makes available to you that which you are ready to receive at the right time.
    I have been struggling with the thought of wanting to create something to help others “choose joy” to transform their daily lives, but not knowing how or where to begin or feeling like i don’t have enough to compile a course. i haven’t watched the videos yet, but i am already excited that this is available. with a limited budget i am SO grateful that you are offering this for free. what an amazing and generous gift and offering.
    thank you SO much for such this!!


  • I normally comment under my personal blog (Suger Coat It, hi!) but since I’m using your valuable tips to get my new venture up and running it’s time to use it’s face.

    I mention this because I’m a long term sharer of your items, I love this post and all the content in it is exactly what I needed to start developing the content I want to provide on my site.

    This comment is a pat on the back, a well done and a big thank you from someone who is making changes in her life and business because of your generosity in these posts. Thank you. x

  • Wow- a lot to love about this post! First the free guide looks awesome, and that is generous for you to give it away. Second- you are a great example of taking inspired action…I love the example of your morning timeline when you decided to put your idea out in the world. And creating it in 12 hours? Badass. Well done!

  • This is amaze-balls Regina! I have been putting off creating my first course due to not really knowing what to do first (the you don’t know what you don’t know problem). This definitely got me over the hump and I am knee deep already! Thank you so very very much!

  • This, my dear, could not have come at the better time! I have been pondering for the last few days on the course I am creating and direction I want to take it to. Well, this gave me my answer and I am super excited to get started.
    Thank you for all of your wonderful content that you are putting out. Love ya’ ?

  • You rock girlfriend I’m so happy I found you. You are impacting my life in a special way. Thank you for being a guiding light Regina.
    Love KK
    p.s. your scope on why you don’t want to make 100k this month really spoke to me tonight.

  • What a great post I am in the middle of launching a course via webinars, and am really stuck as to what I want to put into the course and what people will buy!
    I will enjoy reading through your materials

  • I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a freebie for my new blog’s subscription incentive, and this was the help I needed. Almost done, and I am really happy with how it’s turning out. <3

  • Been lurking around for a while now, but in a non-creepy stalkish way. After many years of being an overworked freelancer, I am trying to expand my horizons/offering/plans to include a more infotastic approach. SO much of ideas… so little time and ability to actually work on my own ideas. Yay for worksheets and real world, practical advice! Thanks Regina! 🙂

    P.S. If that sounds really vague and not even remotely logical, it is Saturday morning here in Cape Town, South Africa and I have only had one cup of coffee.

  • Pure GOLD! I have this course I want to create that shows entrepreneurs how to build and strengthen their brand through video. Wasn’t quite sure how to do so and someone recommended your site. Can’t wait to dive in!

  • Thank you for all of the wonderful things on your site Regina. I found you by accident and so glad that I did. Had a horrible, horrible business day and just poking around your site made me feel a bit better. 🙂

  • It looks to me that this site doesnt load in a Motorola Droid. Are other folks having the same issue? I enjoy this blog and dont want to have to skip it any time Im gone from my cotpemur.

  • Мой сын перешёл во второй класс. Учится в кадетском классе. Дисциплины не какой. Постоянного учителя нет. Директор ни чего не решает. С лета на этом посту директора, а толку нет. Не может найти учителя.

  • I’m thinking hard about whether I want to create a mini ecourse about goal-setting, and this may have just given me the push I need! Signing up now!

  • Hi Regina, does this workbook still exist??? I got the link in my email but the dropbox PDF does not exist.

    HELP! I was so looking forward to this crash course.

  • This is how you do it! Thank you so much for putting this together! I’ve had a course 75% built for 4 months and have been stuuuuck! Seeing you work through it step by step like this though is SO helpful! I like you😂😂😂

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